On this weekend retreat we will take one object as the focus of our meditations. Through improving our ability to hold this object with mindfulness we will come to experience a sense of peace and mental clarity.  As our concentration improves our distractions will become less and less, which in turn makes our mind more pure, leading to lasting inner peace developing within our mind.  The retreat weekend begins with supper on Friday evening and ends on Sunday with Lunch. Everyone is welcome!


Venue Details

This event is held at:
Madhyamaka KMC
Kilnwick Percy Hall

YO42 1UF

For info on this class call: 01482 324940


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A price list can be found below:

  • Double Ensuite Room
    (£245.00 Per Room)
  • Double Room
    (£200.00 Per Room)
  • Single Ensuite Room
    (£140.00 Per Person)
  • Twin Ensuite Room
    (£125.00 Per Person)
  • Single Room
    (£115.00 Per Person)
  • Twin Room
    (£100.00 Per Person)
  • Male Dormitory
    (£85.00 Per Person)
  • Female Dormitory
    (£85.00 Per Person)
  • Non-residential
    (£25.00 - £50.00 Per Person)


Starts 5:30pm on Friday with Supper and finishes at 1pm Sunday with Lunch.

Scheduled Dates

  • Fri 8th March
  • Sat 9th March