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Meditation makes our mind peaceful, and when our mind is peaceful we are happy all the time, even if our external conditions are difficult. Through this understanding we can appreciate the importance of meditation... [read more]

About Buddhism

Buddhism is the practice of Buddha’s teachings, also called ‘Dharma’, which means ‘protection’. We need to practise Buddha’s teachings because there is no other real method to solve human problems... [read more]

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About Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Khedrubje Buddhist Centre is a place where everyone is welcome to come and find out about meditation and Buddhism, and to learn how people use meditation and Buddhist practice in their everyday lives. Weekly drop-in classes offer the chance to try meditation, listen to talks on various aspects of Buddhism, and ask questions.

Khedrubje Centre has grown steadily since classes first began in 1985. Due to a growing interest in Buddhism and meditation the centre has blossomed into a vibrant and friendly residential community, offering both general introductory classes and in-depth study programmes for those interested.

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